For some time, the Chicago-based singer/songwriter, D’Zhari has been known for lending her vocals to artists like Sir The Baptist, Eryn Allen Kane and Cory Henry. However, the colorful songbird is stepping into her own limelight with Getaway, the ultimate Sunday-Funday anthem.

I caught up with D’Zhari for an exclusive take on her on vulnerable artistry and Getaway’s inspiration.

Q: Why did you decide to go solo? Weren’t you having fun with the big dawgs?

D: My goal has always been to be a solo artist and write for people but along the way, and in order to grow, you have to do things like support other artists, sing background, etc. Even though I love singing background because of the energy that’s being transferred, I’ve gotten to the point where I’ve decided to focus on myself and building my solo career because at the end of the day, my main passion is to be a solo artist/song writer.

Q: How would you describe your sound?

D: Some people would say “girl that’s straight R&B” but it’s a fusion of sound—R&B/soul, jazz and pop.

Q: What is Getaway about?

D: It’s a tribute to the free spirit that you feel when you’re in the initial part of love. That bubbly, excited, I-can’t-wait-to-see/share-this-with-this-person kind of love. And you try to keep that alive. Kind of like that lil’ kid, puppy love. The feeling of wanting to escape every day in life with that person. When you just feel so good ‘cause you’re in love.

Q: Was it inspired by anyone specifically? *winks*

D: I wouldn’t say it’s inspired by a specific person, BUT by the few times that I’ve felt that feeling. The discovering that you love this person—that phase. You don’t know how long that feeling is gonna last but you wanna share all your experiences with them.

Q: If you could give this song to another artist, who would do it justice? 

D: Ooh that’s a hard one. But Lianne La Havas. She’s one of my more recent inspirations that have contributed to my sound. Her style is also an alternative blend.

Q: Since you have a fusion of sound, can you speak about the cohesiveness of your upcoming project…What will the EP sound like?

D: Stylistically, all the songs so far have a similar vibe. At the same time, have a different sound and you can tell how all my influences come together.

Q: On that note, I'mma go listen to ya easy, breezy, beautiful-ahhs song one more time. Thank you so much for sitting down with me. 

D: Haha yass exclusive interview on the Vicki Street Show.

And there you have it! 

This songstress is just as sweet as her sound; intentionally dropping Getaway on her parents 22nd wedding anniversary. She took to Instagram with a congratulatory “I released my song “Getaway” today in honor of their beautiful example of black love!” post.

Despite the ups & downs, D’Zhari makes love & life sound so good. Standby for her highly anticipated EP dropping later this year.

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Getaway original release date | 7.19.18