Posted By Vicki Street

October 7, 2015


Nowadays, hip hop sounds so much a like. Thankfully, the west coast rapper Casey Veggies has blessed us with some fresh flows to listen to. Originally slated to be released on August 8th, the much anticipated album dropped on September 25th bringing two radio-ready singles, “Tied Up” ft Dej Loaf and “Actin’ Up ft Dom Kennedy.

When listening to a new album, I let it play straight through giving each song a fair chance. When finished, I separated them by category. Now I know that some music isn’t for everyone. But after reading my track list breakdown you’ll have a new favorite song to match your daily activities.

Songs To Twerk To:

Twerking is a natural habit. Here’s two tracks that’ll have you contemplating *cough*… dancing for a living.

#3 Actin’ Up ft Dom Kennedy

# 4 Backflip ft YG, Iamsu!

Car Bangers

I can’t pull of without finding a “driving song”. So whether you’re riding around with the homies, trying to get to work on time, or cruising down Lake Shore Drive in the night breeze, here are three sure-fire songs to make your trunk go bang! These tracks are bass heavy, not lyric heavy, which makes it easier for us to concentrate on driving.

#5 New Faces

#8 A Little Time

#9 Life Song ft BJ The Chicago Kid

Songs That You Can Appreciate

If these songs don’t warm your heart in some manner…you probably eat lemons for breakfast. Casey’s dad hopped on the first track giving his son the ultimate shout out. And his mother closes out the album letting the world know how blessed she is to have him. Now that is what I call a support system! Some parents won’t even let their kids listen to rap music, let alone pursue it. 

#1. I’m The King

#10 Sincerely Casey

#13 I’m Blessed

Potential Single

We all listen to the radio, so we know what pretty much makes a single. In this case, a feature from a hot artist, singable/catchy lyrics, and a driving beat. That’s the recipe!

#6 Wonderful ft Ty Dolla $

Overall, this 13-track album gets my seal of approval. It’s evident that Casey holds his family and music close to his heart (Which is so sweet to me). But he’s also not afraid to speak frankly about his lifestyle and worldly issues. He’s earned street cred [in my book] by collaborating with notable Cali rappers: Uncle Snoop, Dom Kennedy, YG, and Iamsu!

Great job, Mr. Veggies!